Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies

482 3rd Ave Broadway
New York, NY (Midtown East, Murray Hill, Kips Bay)



Sorry for my outburst, that was from the sugar rush.

If you’re in the vicinity of Murray Hill, this Insomnia Cookies location has become your new late night best friend and your waist’s worst enemy.

Actually if you live in Manhattan at all, your waistline is royally screwed. With six strategically placed cookie shops set up all over the City, your will power will certainly be tested with the trials of late night craving. Thank god for now I live in Brooklyn, away from their siren call!

Are they the best cookies you’ll ever have in your life? No… Levain takes the cake. Er, cookie.

Are they better than just the average run of the mill cookie? YES.

Why is that?

Well, straight up they’re made fresh AND they are guaranteed to be warm and gooey once they arrive at your door at 2 am in the morning after an evening of drunken debauchery (or let’s be honest, after an evening of pining after Ryan Gosling in The Notebook… cookies can stand in for feelings of unrequited love, you know).

The Sugar Rush (12 cookies for $16) ain’t bad if you’re looking for a quick fix. Plus, they offer multiple flavors and big package deals if you’re throwing a party… Dorm party or pity party, nobody’s here to judge.

This was a genius idea and I know most of you (including me) wish they had thought of it first. It’s almost as good as that Girl Scout who set up camp outside the marijuana dispensary in San Francisco and made a killing… almost. Seriously, how many times have you craved a late-night, hot cookie? Now if only they could hire hot men to deliver these cookies we’d REALLY be in business!!!

I mean, uh… hot cookies are just fine.. by themselves… no other use for melted chocolate crossed my mind whatsoever…

Viva la late night cookie.


Happy Birthday Sam!

Still uploading 5 years of reviews right now… What a pain.

Oh and my cat Sam turned 20 years old today. Yup you read that correctly and no I’m not April Fools-ing you. We have had him in my family since I was 6 years old. He was born on April 1st, 1994 and is 97 years old in cat years. How insane is that? He could be my little brother easily.

Here’s a picture of the handsome devil before he lost more weight:


Happy birthday Sam!

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
328 E 14th St.
New York, NY (East Village)

Ah-mazing pizza. Put this on your NYC bucket list if you have one!!! Their special pizza is the artichoke and spinach pie, hence the name Artichoke. The flavor is to die for. It’s like the most delicious, creamiest spinach-artichoke dip on a perfectly baked pizza crust. The first time I had it, I was drunkenly licking the cheese and artichoke off the pizza box in front of friends, strangers and God… Not the classiest way to go about it, but it does speak to the compelling flavor of the sauce. Drunk or sober, I think this is the best pizza I have ever had. The margarita pie is equally amazing…One of the best plain slices I’ve tasted. I will eventually try the crab pizza when I have the money or room in my stomach, whichever comes first. I docked a star only because of the price. It’s like 4-5 bucks a slice! But delicious things in high demand will usually cost you… so worth it though.

Tip for people in groups… Order your pie then head over to (or go before) Crocodile Lounge across the street for some beers to pass the time on the busy weekend nights! They also have (free) pizza too if you can’t hold out for the wait at Artichoke’s…. but it won’t be nearly as good.

Atlantic City Bar and Grill

Atlantic City Bar & Grill

1217 Pacific Ave
Atlantic City, NJ

I went here my first night ever in AC… It wasn’t the greatest meal I had all weekend but it was pretty good for the buck plus the atmosphere was more fun and casual than most of the other places near/on the Boardwalk. I had the surf n turf which was a lobster plus filet mignon… yum to the lobster! Filet could have been better.

Overall a decent place to have some beer and seafood on the cheaper side when you’re in AC for the weekend!


128 Montague St.
Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Heights)

Cheap but good Chinese food in Brooklyn Heights. No it is not the most amazing Chinese food I’ve had but for the price and the location it’s a gem. I love the chicken lo mein plate… Makes the best morning leftovers after a night out. Delivery is always fast and polite. As for the restaurant, they are very hustle and bustle… Almost to the point of coming off as hurrying you to finish that last damn wanton on your plate! They are like that with everyone though… I’ve just accepted it. Try to go during the week or on Sunday for lunch for their lunch specials. I love their home brewed iced tea. Light and refreshing!

All in all, Andy’s will always be go-to Chinese takeout place in Brooklyn Heights. Very affordable, huge portions and tasty.


2398 Broadway
New York, NY (Upper West Side)

(Update 3/30/14: Now closed)

My two-star rating on Yelp totally reflects how I felt about this place as I honestly felt “Meh, I’ve experienced better.” It was a rainy night in NYC and I was craving meat. What else is new? I decided to try this new steak restaurant that had opened up. It was alright, but honestly they overcooked my filet mignon (asked for rare to medium rare, got medium well- yuck) and it was just so… bland and dry. I never send things back (I am convinced once you do all the cooks and waiters spit in your food or something equally disgusting) so I picked at it. You can’t reverse overdone meat! Sniff. I actually enjoyed my friend’s dish so much better. He got the skirt steak. When the skirt steak tastes 10x better than the filet mignon, you know there’s a problem. Also the sides were just not that good… My stuffed mushrooms were not that tasty… and the creamed spinach was bland too. This doesn’t look promising for their future.