Noodle Pudding

Noodle Pudding
38 Henry St.
Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been going to Noodle Pudding for at least 6 years. Every time I come to NYC to visit family we’d go here one night and to Queen’s another (located on Court). I really do like the place and it has become one of my favorites in the neighborhood. The place is lively and energetic with that rich neighborhood feel. Yes it gets loud but I don’t think anyone should claim this to be a romantic, mood place. It follows the Italian culture- it’s loud and energetic, just like my family! Haha. But on to the food… I personally love the mussels in the spicy tomato broth (AMAZING), the calamari and all the pastas. I’ve heard the osso bucco is amazing but I do not eat veal if I can help it. They have daily specials which are all delicious as well. Also when they have it, the lemon goat cheesecake is superb. And yes, there is a woman waitress who I hate to say is just really really bad there… I’ve had her on a few different occasions months apart and she will screw up our orders, take forever and acts very aloof. Every time I sit down and discover she will be my waiter I cringe slightly. Besides that, I definitely think you should give Noodle a try and have a good time! It’s worth it!


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El Pueblo

El Pueblo
9705 Main St
Lamont, CA

It’s funny to think that this was my first review on Yelp ever….


That being said, I love this place. My father would always take us when we came back to visit Bakersfield. The staff is always friendly and attentive plus the prices are great considering the portions of their dishes. I recommend the Cancun shrimp dish. It’s my favorite because it has a scrumptious blend of flavors! If you have a car and find yourself in the vicinity craving decent Mexican food, head on over here.