2398 Broadway
New York, NY (Upper West Side)

(Update 3/30/14: Now closed)

My two-star rating on Yelp totally reflects how I felt about this place as I honestly felt “Meh, I’ve experienced better.” It was a rainy night in NYC and I was craving meat. What else is new? I decided to try this new steak restaurant that had opened up. It was alright, but honestly they overcooked my filet mignon (asked for rare to medium rare, got medium well- yuck) and it was just so… bland and dry. I never send things back (I am convinced once you do all the cooks and waiters spit in your food or something equally disgusting) so I picked at it. You can’t reverse overdone meat! Sniff. I actually enjoyed my friend’s dish so much better. He got the skirt steak. When the skirt steak tastes 10x better than the filet mignon, you know there’s a problem. Also the sides were just not that good… My stuffed mushrooms were not that tasty… and the creamed spinach was bland too. This doesn’t look promising for their future.


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