Cynergy Spa

Cynergy Spa
87 Fort Greene Pl
Brooklyn, NY


So I had decided to surprise my then boyfriend of 4 years with the Couple’s Spa Package at Cynergy Spa this weekend for our anniversary. In all that time, I had never really fooled him or surprised him with a gift… Well, now it was my turn and I took no mercy. To begin with, I actually convinced him that we were going deeper into Brooklyn to pick up some gluten-free cupcakes for a beach BBQ later that evening at my cousin’s house. I had all my bases covered perfectly having my aunt and visiting cousin in on the situation. So come Saturday morning, we left to pick up the special cupcakes… No ounce of suspicion whatsoever. I should have been an actress! We walk right into the spa and I hand him his gift certificate… Surprise!! The rest is history.

Anyways, onto the experience… The woman in the front was very hospitable and sweet. She immediately escorted us down a long, dimly lit hallway to the couples room in the back. I was surprised at how big it was for what seemed like such a small place. The couple’s package consists of a jacuzzi dip for 25 minutes, 55 minute massages side by side and then champagne, chocolate and strawberries to cap it off with.

My massage was great… I think I fell asleep at the very end just because I was so relaxed. When we woke from our euphoric haze, we saw that at the foot of the massage tables they had set up a little table and two little chairs; on top of the table was a cute little ceramic fondue pot with melted chocolate and a large martini glass full of fresh strawberries plus two glass champagne flutes. The nice lady from the front then came in with a bottle of champagne and filled our glasses up and said we could always ask for more later (which turned into us drinking the whole bottle…I was buzzed for the rest of the day). The great thing was though we were not hurried at all and we took our time drinking our lovely champagne and savoring the delicious strawberries and chocolate.

We left feeling relaxed, unwinded and sleepy. All in all, a great experience! I would recommend the spa to any couple wanting to celebrate that something something special. Absolutely romantic and just delightful.


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