Five Napkin Burger

Five Napkin Burger
2315 Broadway
New York, NY

Oh Napkin, your juicy yet (a little) overpriced original burger always appeal to my carnivorous side. Yes you overcook my burger half the time (rare to medium rare means juicy hot pink, not brown!) but your burger is still delicious with your Gruyere cheese, onion rings and oh-so-amazing chocolate shake on the side. I think I might have to visit you soon!

The veggie burger is a yummy pick too. It’s very tasty without having that soy/fake taste I can’t stand. There’s actually lots of vegetables in it like beets (hence the surprising red color)! Sometimes my boyfriend and I will order one original and one veggie and split the two. It’s a veggie burger done right! So few out there in the world…

I have been to both establishments (Hell’s Kitchen and UWS) and both have a very lively atmosphere. I remember the UWS one better since I go to this one more often since it’s in Boy’s neighborhood. The one there seems a little bigger to me plus I love the decor of the place. Nothing says “fresh meat” than a bunch of meat hooks hanging from the ceiling! Overall, yummy burgers to have once in a while (or once a week if you have no self-control) for that special pricey burger indulgence. Go ahead; eat it. I won’t tell.

P.S: This might come off as harsh but don’t be THAT person that orders sushi at a burger restaurant…. I will never understand that. I get sushi at Japanese/sushi/seafood restaurants only… but I guess that is a personal preference. Eat the meat! Savor the meat. Love the meat. Use a napkin, you dirty animal.


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